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Sales Representative City and State Contact Information     Alabama     JS Cotney, Inc. www.cotney.com   Birmingham, AL Tel: 205-981-9920 Fax: 205-981-9373 AMA of Mobile, Inc.www.amalighting.net Mobile, AL Tel: 251-343-7693 Fax: 251-343-7748 Gewin Tucker & Assoc. Birmingham, AL Tel: 205-942-9322 Fax: 205-945-9303       Alaska     Northern Electrical Agents Anchorage, AK Tel: 907-694-7424 Fax: 907-694-1242       Arizona     Millennium Lighting www.millenniumaz.com Chandler, AZ Tel: 480-835-5888 Fax: 480-835-5333 Rep's Email: info@millenniumaz.com R.C. Lurie Phoenix, AZ Tel: 602-258-2400 Fax: 602-252-5018       Arkansas     Curtis H. Stout, Inc. www.chstout.com Little Rock, AR Tel: 501-372-2555 Fax: 501-375-4451 Rep's Email: info@chstout.com   Curtis H. Stout, Inc. www.chstout.com Fayetteville, AR Tel: 479-521-5707 Fax: 479-521-5041 Rep's Email: info@chstout.com       California Associated Lighting Reps www.alrinc.com Oakland, CA Tel: 510-638-3800 Fax: 510-638-2908 Rep's Email: info@alrinc.com Associated Lighting Reps www.alrinc.com Sacramento, CA Tel: 916-383-4545 Fax: 916-383-6600 Rep's Email: info@alrinc.com Prudential Lighting Productswww.plpsocal.com San Diego, CA Tel: 213-746-0360 Fax: 213-746-8838 Rep's Website: www.plpsocal.com Prudential Lighting Productswww.plpsocal.com Los Angeles, CA Tel: 213-746-0360 Fax: 213-146-8838 Rep's Website: www.plpsocal.com Connecticut     Ltg Affiliates (Edco)s Rocky Hill, CT Tel: 860-721-1171 Fax:860-721-7093       Colorado     Wheaton Sales Denver,CO Tel: 303-674-7465 Fax: 303-670-1480 Intermountain Marketing Lone Tree, CO Tel: 303-278-7800 Fax: 303-278-7880 D.C. Washington, District of Columbia     Commercial Lighting Saleswww.commerciallightingsales.com Elkridge, MD Tel: 410-796-1033 Fax: 410-796-7660 FLORIDA     Certified Lighting Solutions(SW FL thru Central FL) Safety Harbor, FL Tel: 727-474-3788 Fax: 727-474-3791 Contemporary Lighting Sales Miami, FL Tel: 305-592-3262 Fax: 305-592-3403 Intergrated Lighting & Controls (IL&C; see Ltg Products for NS rep.) Jacksonville, FL(Orlando & Tampa) Tel: 407-389-1440 Fax: 407-386-6919 Lighting Dynamics Inc. (Ft. Lauderdale area) Tamarac, FL Tel: 954-527-003 Fax: 954-763-1503 Lighting Products (Orlando/Tampa/Ft Myers) Casselberry, FL(St Petersburg) Tel: 407-331-1000 Fax: 407-260-2754 Lange Lighting (Jacksonville/St. Aug.area) St. Augustine, FL Tel: 904-825-9950 Fax: 904-825-9945 Blackhawk Enterprises Tallahassee, FL Tel: 850-668-5293 Fax: 850-766-1388 GEORGIA     Lighting Associateswww.lightingassociates.com Duluth, GA Tel: 770-448-9250 Fax: 770-263-0189 Traffic & Lighting Corp. Roswell, GA Tel: 770-643-1400 Fax: 404-506-9300 HAWAII     Pelsa Honolulu, HI Tel: 808-597-1744 Fax: 808-593-2546 IDAHO     Quantum Lighting Groupwww.quantumltg.com Salt Lake City, UT Tel: 801-270-0010 Fax: 801-264-0060 ILLINOIS     KSA Lighting(N 1/2 IL & NW IN)www.ksalighting.com   Hanover Park, IL Tel: 630-307-6955 Fax: 630-307-6965 Lyte-Tronics(S IL & E MO incl St Louis)www.lytetronics.com St. Louis, MO Tel: 314-892-8700 Fax: 314-892-7776 Philip McCully & Assoc.(Central IL) Toluca, IL Tel: 815-452-2337 Fax: 815-452-2444 INDIANA     Techlite Corp.www.techlitecorp.com Fishers, IN Tel: 317-578-2626 Fax: 317-578-2727 IOWA     AES Lighting Groupwww.aeslight.com Des Moines, IA Tel: 515-727-1773 Fax: 515-727-1731 KANSAS     Lighting Solutions Group, LLCwww.ltgsolutions.com   Lenexa, KS Tel: 913-322-6500 Fax: 913-322-4289 KENTUCKY     Lighting Design & Sales Louisville, KY Tel: 502-491-2999 Fax: 502-491-1155 LHI Lighting Sales Inc. Louisville, KY Tel: 502-964-9661 Fax: 502-964-7155 LOUISIANA     Curtis H. Stout Inc.www.chstout.com Baton Rouge, LA Tel: 225-291-5709 Fax: 225-291-5713 Curtis H. Stout Inc.www.chstout.com Shreveport, LA Tel: 318-636-7777 Fax: 318-631-0766 Curtis H. Stout Inc.www.chstout.com New Orleans, LA(ofc is in Harahan) Tel: 504-818-1848 Fax: 504-818-1631 MAINE     Lighting Consulting LLC Portsmouth, NH Tel: 603-431-8050 MARYLAND     Commercial Lighting Saleswww.commerciallightingsales.com Elkridge, MD Tel: 410-796-1033 Fax: 410-796-7660 MASSACHUSETTS     SK & Associateswww.sk-assoc.com Canton, MA Tel: 781-821-1700 Fax: 781-821-4100 MEXICO     Rimmer Consulting Group Mexico Tel: 480-629-8894 Fax: 480-629-8894 Peter Petersen Mexico City Cell: 044-55-5502-9335 MICHIGAN     The Lighting Group(Detroit area / SE state) Auburn Hills, MI Tel: 248-852-0731 Fax: 248-852-3221 Robert C. Shaver Co., Inc. Grand Rapids, MI Tel: 616-452-9613 Fax: 616-452-3827 MINNESOTA     Luma Saleswww.lumasales.net Shakopee, MN Tel: 952-995-6500 Fax: 952-995-6565 MISSISSIPPI     Curtis H. Stout, Inc.www.chstout.com Jackson, MS Tel: 601-366-1903 Fax: 601-981-8439 MISSOURI     Lyte-Tronicswww.lytetronics.comWestern Missouri Lighting Solutions Group, LLCwww.ltgsolutions.com St. Louis, MO Lenexa, KS Tel: 314-892-8700 Fax: 314-892-7776Tel:  913-322-6500Fax:  913-322-4289 MONTANA     Northern Rockies Agencywww.nrarep.net Bozeman, MT Tel: 406-587-0513 Fax: 406-587-3677 NEBRASKA     AES Lighting Groupwww.aeslight.com Omaha, NE Tel: 402-330-7810 Fax: 402-398-9599 NEVADA     Stiles & Associates, Inc.www.stilesltg.com Las Vegas, NV Tel: 702-253-7373 Fax: 702-253-1144 ALR Reno, NV Tel: 775-849-9770 Fax: 775-849-9771 NEW HAMPSHIRE     Lighthouse Consulting LLC New Castle, NH Tel: 603-431-8050 Fax: 603-431-8058 NEW JERSEY     Pyramid Lighting Group, Inc.www.pyramidlighting.com Mt. Vernon, NJ Tel: 914-699-1996 Fax: NEW MEXICO     Sweetland Sales Albuquerque, NM Tel: 505-884-8338 Fax: 505-884-5069 Schroeder Sales Inc. Alburquerque, NM Tel: 505-764-1850 Fax: 505-764-1920 NEW YORK     VBC Lighting Syracuse, NY Tel: 315-487-1105 Fax: 315-487-0774 VBC Lighting Albany, NY Tel: 518-456-7142 Fax: 518-456-7968 VBC Lighting Poughkeepsie, NY Tel: 845-679-4329 Fax: 866-400-9347 VBC Lighting Buffalo, NY Tel: 716-633-5910 Fax: 716-633-5924 Pyramid Lighting Group, Inc.www.pyramidlighting.com Mt. Vernon, NY Tel: 914-699-1996 Fax: 914-699-1686 NORTH CAROLINA     Peter N. Glass & Assoc. Concord, NC Tel: 704-788-3521 Fax: 704-782-4915 Peter N. Glass & Assoc. Fuquay-Varina, NC Tel: 919-552-2756 Fax: 919-567-9951 Peter N. Glass & Assoc. Jamestown, NC Tel: 336-454-6182 Fax 336-454-6183 NORTH DAKOTA     Luma Sales Moorhead, MN (Fargo) Tel: 218-287-9364 Fax:218-287-9387 OHIO     LTG Systems of Columbus Hilliard, OH Tel: 614-876-6722 Fax: 614-876-6768 Lighting Dynamics, Inc. Akron, OH Tel: 330-665-9090 Fax: 330-665-9191 Leesman Sales Cincinnati, OH Tel: 513-681-2081 Fax: 513-681-0711 The Lighting Company Toledo, OH Tel: 440-891-4277 Fax: 440-891-4278 Gormley-Rowsey(Steubenville, OH area - central Eastern) Barboursville,WV Tel: 304-736-2849 Fax: 304-736-6851 OKLAHOMA     Premier Lighting Sales Tulsa, OK Tel: 918-669-9008 Fax: 918-669-9018 OREGON     Design Lighting Sales www.designlightingsales.com   Milwaukie, OR Tel:503-653-3974 Fax: 503-654-7976 PENNSYLVANIA     Illuminations Westchester, PA Tel: 610-325-2220 Fax: Gormley-Farrington Monroeville, PA Tel: 412-856-5740 Fax: 412-856-5762 PUERTO RICO     Glenn International Carolina, OR Tel: 787-757-6000 Fax: 787-769-1851 RHODE ISLAND     SK & Associates Canton, MA Tel: 781-821-1700 Fax: 781-821-4100 SOUTH CAROLINA     Premier Lighting Columbia, SC Tel: 803-754-1959 Fax: 803-754-9680 Premier Lighting Charleston, SC Tel: 843-556-6426 Fax: 843-763-1796 Premier Lighting Greenville, SC Tel: 864-233-6699 Fax: 864-233-8802 SOUTH DAKOTA     Luma Sales Moorhead,MN (Fargo) Tel:218-287-9364 Fax: 218-287-9387 TENNESSEE     C.G.L. Lighting Nashville, TN Tel: 615-383-2140 Fax: 615-269-6482 LTG Designs & Sales Memphis, TN Tel: 901-432-8000 Fax: 901-432-8080 The O'Hanlon Group Knoxville, TN Tel: 865-546-6735 Fax: 865-546-6804 TEXAS     Duffey Lighting Dallas, TX Tel: 214-943-2772 Fax: 214-946-0768 Kopinitz Company Houston, TX Tel: 713-692-0022 Fax: 713-699-9419 All Pro Sales(Barr-Bennison) Dallas, TX Tel: 214-905-0052 Fax: 214-905-0076 Lone Star Lighting San Antonio, TX Tel: 210-344-4334 Fax: 210-344-3484 UTAH     Quantum Lighting Groupwww.quantumltg.com Salt Lake City, UT Tel: 801-270-0010 Fax: 801-264-0060 VERMONT     SK & Associates Canton, MA Tel: 781-821-1700 Fax: 781-821-4100 VIRGINIA     JJM Associates, Inc. Richmond, VA Tel: 804-377-8249 Fax: 804-377-8259 JJM Associates, Inc. Virginia Beach, VA Tel: 757-353-3843 Fax: 757-353-3846 Commercial Lighting Burke, Va Tel: 703-978-4433 Fax: 703-978-5852 WASHINGTON     Electrical Representatives West Seattle, WA Tel: 206-767-7722 Fax: 206-762-4518 WISCONSIN     Visual Impact Lighting Green Bay, WI Tel: 920-437-2069 Fax: 920-437-9140 Visual Impact Lighting Milwaukee, WI Tel: 262-650-9164 Fax: 262-650-9176 Visual Impact Lighting Madison, WI Tel: 608-209-4330 Fax: 920-437-9140 WEST VIRGINIA     Gormley-Rowsey Barboursville, WV Tel: 304-736-2849 Fax: 304-736-6851 WYOMING     Northern Rockies Agencywww.nrarep.net Tel: Fax: CANADA (All Providences)     Webco Lighting Products, Inc.except for Quebec Courtice, ON Tel: 905-440-4331 Fax: 866-257-7771 NRG Management Quebec, QC Tel: 418-681-0180 Fax: 418-681-4566 CHINA     Shanghai Hongheng Industrial Co., Ltd. Contact Person: Vincent Nee Shanghai Tel: +86-21-60830267 Fax: +86-21-60830207 Rep's email: honghengic@163.com