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Broadview, IL – February 11th, 2010 – North Star Lighting, Inc. ® www.nslights.com announced that Tom Rotkis, formerly Vice President of Marketing and Sales, has been promoted to President, effective February 15th, 2010. In addition to his new responsibilities, Tom will continue to lead North Star Lighting market expansion in the areas of Solid State Lighting, sports and architainment, tunnel, bridge marine and hazardous lighting applications.

“Architects and lighting designers have long looked to North Star to meet their exacting requirements for showcase facilities like the Bellagio Resort Hotel, Caesar’s Palace, the United Center in Chicago and marquis installations such as the Jefferson Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial in our Nations Capitol.” says Tom Rotkis. “In recent years our focus has turned to the increasing demand for Solid State Lighting alternatives to HID.  Today we devote most of our R&D efforts toward high performance white LED products to meet the growing needs of the marketplace.  Over the past five years, Solid State Lighting has become a core competency for our company.  We have developed our own LED light engines we call AlphaLED™ in a modular form (white and RGB) which facilitates rapid product development.  North Star SSL® is the vehicle to deliver these unique product solutions to the marketplace.  We will continue to promote legacy HID products for sports and flood lighting but the focus is LED.”

“This is a very exciting time for us as our reputation now reaches into every major international market”, explained Tom Rotkis. “Our customers not only demand and get unique approaches, but also ease of maintenance and outstanding performance they have come to expect from North Star Lighting.”

North Star Lighting, Inc. has developed and manufactured lighting products for over 37 years to meet U.S. and international aesthetic, performance and safety specifications for commercial, industrial, architectural and specialty areas including sports, tunnel, bridge, marine and hazardous lighting applications. North Star Lighting also represents Thorn® Lighting in the North American market.

Jefferson Memorial Architectural Lighting Project


Jefferson Memorial - Architectural LightingNorth Star Lighting & Thorn 400W Round Contrast Floodlight (CONR2400MH) is used to illuminate the exterior of the
Jefferson Memorial and inside to illuminate the statue of President Jefferson.

North Star Lighting worked with the Mintz Lighting Group in coordination with Osram Sylvania Lighting to recommend specific luminaires that would highlight the design elements of the Jefferson Memorial as specified by the architect and lighting designer.  Discreetly highlighting those important elements while providing some general area illumination without flooding the entire venue was a design parameter.  The North Star & Thorn Contrast Series offered a 400W narrow beam floodlight with an architectural Dichro•X * colored lens to produce the proper intensity with the right color. The luminaires were discreetly concealed in the ceiling to illuminate the statue of President Jefferson.

The North Star & Thorn Contrast Series of architectural floodlights is available in either a round or rectangular aesthetic shape to enable the architect to select the lighting fixtures to blend with the architectural design elements.  Three sizes, a wide array of H.I.D. lamp choices, popular and unique optics along with many options including fixed and adjustable louvers and colored lenses make this series an excellent choice for architects and lighting designers.  Additional information on the Contrast Series may be obtained by visiting the North Star Lighting's Floodlighting Products page, contacting the factory sales office (800-229-4330) or speaking with your local Thorn -North Star Lighting representative.

* Dichro•X is a trademark of the FX Lighting Company


Tom Rotkis, North Star Lighting
2150 Parkes Drive, Broadview, IL 60155
Tel: 708-681-4330, Fax: 708-681-4006
E-Mail: trotkis@nslights.com


Caesar's Palace Tower Architectural Lighting Project

news2.jpgNorth Star's Palladium lighting fixtures chosen for new $600 million 29-story Caesars Palace Tower

North Star Lighting announced today that its Palladium lighting fixtures are being used to illuminate the new $600-million 29-story Palace Tower expansion at Caesars Palace, and adds a dramatic, classically-inspired Landmark to the Las Vegas skyline.

The Palace Tower more than doubles Caesars Palace guest capacity to 2,471 total room/suites, and is all part of the new and emerging Las Vegas as a first class resort destination with something for everyone in the family.  Las Vegas attracted over 30 million visitors last year, and today is only second to Walt Disney World as the favorite vacation destination in the United States.

"North Star specifically designed the Palladium fixtures to meet the highly sophisticated lighting requirements demanded by this showcase facility", says Jeff Sanders, National Account Manager at North Star Lighting.

North Star's Palladium fixtures at the Palace Tower employ GE ConstantColor CHM lamps.  These lamps provide consistent color uniformity and excellent color rendering, and ensure precise optical control to deliver a concentrated beam of light where it is needed.

In addition, Palace Tower respects the technological leadership and innovation which GE and North Star represent, and that's important both for aesthetic appeal and ease of maintenance which are critical to complimenting and preserving this Greco-Roman masterpiece.

"Coupling the Palladium and GE ConstantColor CHM capabilities opens endless possibilities for fresh and unique lighting approaches for virtually any application while insuring ease of maintenance and outstanding performance", says Greg Dore, Manager, Marketing Support at GE Lighting.

North Star develops and manufactures lighting products to meet the lighting industry's exacting performance and safety specifications for major sport stadiums, and commercial and industrial applications. 

While it's easy to tell North Star's growth story, we prefer to let our customers speak for our ability to deliver outstanding results. In addition to the Palace Tower, North Star's recent commercial and industrial solutions in Las Vegas include the MGM Grand and the Mirage Resort's new $1.3 billion Bellagio Hotel.

Bellagio Resort Hotel Architectural Lighting Project

news3.jpgNorth Star's Metaline lighting fixture chosen for Mirage Resort's new $1.6 billion Bellagio Resort Hotel

North Star Lighting announced today that its Metaline 2000 watt lighting fixtures will illuminate the Bellagio, the Mirage Resort's new $1.6 billion, 3,000-room resort hotel scheduled to open this October in Las Vegas.

Inspired by the idyllic village of Bellagio, which overlooks Italy's magnificent Lake Como, the Bellagio's entrance statement features an 8.5-acre lake where an extraordinary $30 million choreographed water ballet is sure to be as much a public signature for the Bellagio as The Mirage's volcano and Treasure Island's Pirate Battle.

"What's so exciting about our new Metaline fixtures is that it enables us to create a solution that compliments the Bellagio's world class architecture, and its unique lake and lushly landscaped grounds", says Jeff Sanders, National Account Manager at North Star Lighting.

Designers Desmond O'Donovan and Jonathan Howard of DHA Lighting say, "Our approach to the building required a precise, controlled luminaire that could give the clear light of metal halide. This allows us to bring out the detail of the building without overpowering it's subtlety and colouring."

The North Star solution employs low glare and narrow asymmetric beams to illuminate the Bellagio towers, and wide symmetric beams for its lower stories. The result is the Bellagio towers, lake and vast park grounds are distinctively balanced, regardless of the distance or perspective from which they are viewed.

North Star develops and manufactures lighting Products to meet the lighting industry's exacting aesthetic, performance and safety specifications for sports, commercial and industrial applications. In addition to the Bellagio, North Star's recent commercial industrial solutions in Las Vegas include the MGM Grand and Caesars Palace new $600 million Palace Tower. To request additional lighting product information, please contact us.